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Frequently asked questions

Suriname visa

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General questions

What is an e-visa for Suriname?

The electronic Suriname E-tourist card replaces the physical tourist card. As a result, you no longer have to go to the consulate of Suriname for a stay of 90 days for tourist or business purposes. With the Suriname E-tourist card you can only enter the country once. Within 5 working days after receipt of your payment, you will receive the Suriname E-tourist card and you can travel.

Can I stay with friends and/or family in Suriname?

Yes, that is possible, you only have to state the full name and address of the family/friends concerned on the application form.

Do I need a different type of e-visa for a tourist or business trip?

No, for both a holiday and a business trip (a maximum of 90 consecutive days) to Suriname, the electronic Suriname E-tourist card is sufficient, but for a business trip more documents must be supplied, namely: an invitation letter and proof of company registration.

Do children need to have their own visa?

If you travel with underage children, you have to take into account a number of extra rules. Children must have their own travel document and may no longer be included in the parents’ passport. In addition, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee carries out extensive checks to prevent possible international child abductions. Are you traveling abroad with a child over which you have joint custody or over which you do not have custody? You can use this form to demonstrate that you have permission from the persons who have custody of the child to travel abroad with the child. More information can be found on the website of the national government.


How long can I stay in Suriname?

A maximum stay of 90 consecutive days applies to the E-tourist card.
For the electronic business card with multiple entries, a maximum stay of 60 days applies. You can extend this locally once with an extra 30 days.

You can stay in Suriname for a maximum of 180 days per year.

How many times may I enter Suriname on one visa?

With the E-visa for both tourist and business purposes, with a validity of 90 days, a one-time entry applies.
If you want to enter Suriname several times, you must apply for a multiple-entry tourist / business E-visa. Please note: this card has a validity of 60 days.

Do I have to travel on the date that is stated on my application?

No, you do not have to, Note: You may only travel within the validity dates stated on the Suriname E-visa. If you have changed your trip and it no longer falls within the validity of the E-visa, you must apply for a new E-visa.

What are the costs of a Suriname visa?

The costs for the E-visa for Suriname are € 84,95 for the tourist / business single-entry visa (valid for 90 days).
The costs for the multiple-entry (valid for 60 days) E-visa for both business and tourist purposes are € 104,95
This includes processing costs, consular costs, transaction costs (with iDeal / bancontact payment) and VAT.

Application related questions

How do I apply for a Surinam e-visa?

The procedure for applying for the E-visa for Suriname starts easily online with us. To do this, open the online application form. After filling in all the details of the traveler (s) concerned, the application can be paid very simply. That is possible with iDeal, Bancontact, Paypal or with Credit Card. When the payment has been completed you will receive (within a maximum of 1 hour) an email from us with instructions on how to deliver the required documents.

My application has been processed, but I still haven't received an email.

If, after paying your visa, you have not received an email from us within an hour, first check the junk mail folder (spam box). Didn’t receive an email there either? Please contact us by phone or e-mail via the contact page.

How far in advance can I request an e-visa for Suriname?

The application for the Suriname E-visa is possible between 90 days and about a week before departure, depending on the type of visa you have chosen. To ensure that the E-visa is granted in time, we recommend that you submit the application a few weeks before departure. You can find more information about this on the delivery times page.

is it possible to apply as a group?

Yes, it is possible to add multiple travelers on one application form who travel to Suriname together. Because a lot of data only has to be entered once, this can save a lot of input.

How do I send my passport and documents?

Applying for the E-visa is completely digital, after submitting your application and completing the payment, your application will be processed and we will send you an email (within a maximum of 1 hour).
In this e-mail you will find all instructions on how and which documents you should upload.

When and how can I pay for the visa?

After submitting the online application form, you must make the payment. You can do this with: iDeal, Paypal, Bancontact or credit card. If a surcharge is charged for the collection and / or shipping method you have chosen, this will be added directly to the total amount.

Is it possible to renew an existing visa?

No, it is not possible to renew an E-visa, if the validity of your E-visa expires or if you want to re-enter the country (with a single-entry E-visa) you need to apply for a new E-visa.

However, it is possible to extend the visa locally in Suriname with an extra 30 days, if you plan to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days. Please note that you may not stay more than 180 days in Suriname per year. With this visa you are entitled to at least 60 days.

Required documents

Which documents do I have to provide for a Suriname e-visa?

Which data and documents you have to provide depends on your destination (tourist or business), the number of entries required in Suriname. After you have submitted the online visa application for Suriname, you will receive a personal e-mail from us with instructions for supplying the necessary documents for your situation.
You can also check which documents these will be on this page.

Which conditions apply to my passport?

An emergency passport is not accepted.
The passport must be valid for at least seven months after each entry. With a long stay in Indonesia are valid the entire period of the stay. The passport must contain at least one blank page.
The passport must also be free of covers and / or covers, please remove them before sending them to us.

How do I upload my passport scan, documents and digital photograph?

After the payment of the Suriname visa has been paid, you will be forwarded to the upload page. Here you can upload a passport photo and passport for each traveler, this is very easy with the provided upload tool on the relevant page. The most common file formats and file sizes can be used. After uploading the files you can cropping / cropping the image so that the correct part of the image remains.

Does my passport state the letter O or the number 0?

Document numbers in the Netherlands never contain the letter “O”, but they can contain the number “0”. Even though it seems that there is a letter O in your passport, it will be the number 0. It is also important to know that document numbers in the Netherlands are 9 characters long.
Belgian document numbers may include the letter (s) “O” and / or the number “0”. Belgian document numbers are 8 characters long and always start with 2 letters followed by 6 numbers.

Which conditions apply to my photograph?

The passport photo scan must be of high quality and in color with a white background. Taken without glasses in the past 6 months. Headwear is only allowed in the passport photo if this is for religious reasons: The visibility of the entire face is then a requirement.

Do I have to book a flight and hotel in advance?

To apply for an Suriname E-visa, you must provide a copy of your flight schedule, which states the return flight or transit, as well as a hotel confirmation under the name of the applicant.

Which conditions apply to the invitation letter?

An invitation letter is required if you are traveling to Suriname for business, this letter must be written on company paper (a copy is allowed), include the name of the applicant, specify the reason for the trip, indicate the number of desired entries, and the duration required of the visa.
The signatory of this letter must also provide a copy of his / her identity document.

Which conditions apply to the company registration?

To submit a business E-visa, you must provide proof of business registration, which is understood to mean: an extract from the Surinamese Chamber of Commerce of the inviting company in Suriname.

Changing or cancelling and existing application

Can I cancel my application?

After receiving your passport and other documents, we will process your application. From that moment on, cancellation of the request is no longer possible. If you want to cancel your application before you have submitted your passport and documents, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

I made a mistake in my application/documents. Can I change this?

In this case, please contact us as soon as possible to indicate what is not in order. Whether your visa application can still be corrected depends on the nature of the error and the status of your application. If we have not delivered your application to the embassy yet, it is possible to make changes. If your applicaiton is already in the hands of the embassy, there is nothing we can do. You must obtain a new visa with the proper information and cancel the existing one.

Additional questions

Can I get help with my application?

Always try to find your question on this page first, in almost all cases you will find the answer to your question about your visa application here.
In the unlikely event that you find no or insufficient answer to your question, we will of course be happy to help you, click here to contact us.

How do you handle my personal data?

We will only use your data to process your visa application. In doing so, we respect the privacy of every user of our site and will ensure that all personal information you provide to us will be treated confidentially. We strongly inform you that your data will not be sold or used for any other commercial purposes.
If you have any further questions about your privacy, please view our privacy policy or contact us.

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