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Visa Cuba application

Are you going on holiday/business trip and do you want to apply for a visa Cuba? At Traveldocs you can apply for a tourist visa quickly and completely online from 49.95 per person.

Receive your visa within 2 working days!

The procedure for applying for your Cuba visa is possible from 2 working days.

Safe up to 35%!

When ordering your visa online, we apply the most competitive prices.

How does it work?


1. Apply

Simply apply for a Cuba visa by filling in the required information online.

veilig afrekenen visum

2. Checkout online

You can safely pay online with iDEAL, Bancontact, PayPal or credit card.

visum aanvraag

3. Receive your visa

You will receive the official visa by regular mail or by courier. After filling in the card, you can travel with confidence!




Your passport must be valid for at least 7 months upon arrival in Cuba.

Tourist card

After you have completed the online application form on this website, we will check it for correctness and completeness. If this is in accordance with conditions, we will send you the empty tourist card by post.

  • You must fill in this card yourself using your passport details and the explanation document that we send along.
  • This card will be checked and stamped upon arrival in Cuba.

Keep this card safe during your stay in Cuba! Both parts must stay connected. The card will be taken back by Cuban customs on departure from Cuba.


Because we send the tourist card to you empty, you can request it up to a year before departure.

  • The tourist card is a single entry visa.
  • You can stay in the country for 30 days upon arrival in Cuba. You can extend this locally once in Cuba with an extra 30 days, so that you can stay in Cuba for a maximum of 60 days in total.

Please note that you should keep both parts (in no way separate from each other!) Until you leave Cuba. If the parts nevertheless become loose or if you have made mistakes in copying your passport data, you must request a new card before departure, as the current one will no longer be valid.

Statement of Insurance


On arrival in Cuba, you may be asked to show that you are covered for your entire stay in Cuba.

We therefore recommend that you request this letter from your health insurer well before departure.

  • The letter must be in English
  • Your passport details must be stated on the letter including the length of your stay
  • You must specifically state that you are covered in Cuba for your entire stay

Cuba Visa Application Guide

Below you will find the most important information about Cuba visa application, how this can be done completely online and what prices, conditions and other issues are involved.

Are you going in 2022 or 2023 on holiday to Cuba?

For Cuba you need a visa. This applies to all residents of the European Union, including the Dutch and Belgians. Underage children must also have their own Cuba visa. If it concerns a tourist trip, the application can be done fully online via the application form on this website.

What is the visa Cuba? How do I fill in the visa Cuba?

The visa Cuba is a green paper card consisting of two parts. On both the left and the right part you fill in your nationality, first name, last name, date of birth and passport number. On arrival in Cuba, one section is torn off and collected. When leaving the country, the other part will be confiscated. Make sure you keep the visa with your passport in your hand luggage during your trip. Do not stick the visa in your passport but keep it separate.

Visa Cuba fill in the form

Once you have received your visa you can easily fill it in yourself. Make sure you fill it in carefully and copy the passport details without mistake. Because the visa Cuba has no arrival date and no expiry date (as long as it has not been used), the visa Cuba can be applied for long before your departure, even if you travel next year. We always provide an explanatory document with the application, which describes exactly how to fill in the visa Cuba (tourist card) and what data to take from the passport you will travel with.

Apply for your visa Cuba fully online, no need to go to the embassy!

It is not necessary to apply for your visa Cuba at the embassy. By submitting your Cuba visa application online through our website, you save a return trip to the consulate of Cuba in Rotterdam. It is also possible to apply for a visa for someone else through the online application procedure. If you do that at the consulate, you will have to pay a surcharge of € 25 per person. If you use the online form on this website, this fee is not charged. The cost of the Cuba visa is € 39.95 per person. This is the total price, so including consular fees, application fees, shipping fees (within BE and NL), VAT and transaction fees. You can pay with iDeal or Bancontact. Would you rather pay by credit card or PayPal? That is also possible. However, you will then pay a small surcharge.

Validity and extension

The visa for Cuba is valid for 30 days. The validity starts at the moment of arrival. It therefore does not matter when you arrive in Cuba. The only restriction is that the passport used in the online application must be valid for at least seven months upon arrival in Cuba. If desired, you can extend the visa after arrival, at the immigration service, by 30 additional days, making a total of 60 days in Cuba.

Conditions of the Tourist Visa Cuba: Apply for a Visa Cuba from the USA

  • You may not arrive directly from the United States of America
  • Your passport must be valid for at least seven months on arrival
  • The tourist visa does not allow you to work in Cuba
  • Minors also need their own visa

Are you coming from America?

Travelers coming from the United States need to have a pink tourist card instead of a standard green tourist card. Traveldocs also has pink cards, however the rates for the pink card (for travelers to Cuba from or via America) are slightly higher. If you would like to use this card, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

The following nationalities are NOT allowed to travel to Cuba on a tourist card and are REQUIRED to visit the embassy in person:

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Cameroon
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Guinea
  • India (travellers of other nationalities, travelling from India to Cuba, should also apply for a visa before departure. Travelling from India to Cuba is not allowed on a tourist card)
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Nepal
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Sierra Leone
  • Somalia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Syria
  • Uzbekistan
  • Yemen

Traveldocs cannot submit the application for you, as this must be done in person if you are a holder of one of the above-mentioned nationalities. However, we can assist you with all the preparatory work and schedule an appointment for you. Please contact us for the possibilities and rates.

Cuba visa processing time, visa validity and costs

Apply online and get your visa Cuba by post

You can apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The visa will be sent by post within two to four working days. The postal charges are included in the total amount of € 39.95 per person. This includes processing fees, consular fees, transaction fees and VAT. We send the visa Cuba within the Netherlands and Belgium by post (with stamp). The shipment is not sent by registered mail. The delivery time is on average 2-4 working days for a shipment within the Netherlands and on average 4-8 working days for a shipment to Belgium.


The shipping costs for visa Cuba applications are included in the total amount and apply only to applications within the Netherlands and Belgium. If you want your visa to be sent to another country, European or not, there will be additional courier costs involved. These costs differ per destination. International courier shipments cost on average between €120 and €200. Depending on your country, region and desired delivery time, these costs may be higher. Does your Cuba visa application need to be sent to another country? Please contact us before placing your order on the website so that we can calculate the shipping costs for you.

Urgent Visa Application Cuba

Are you going to travel at short notice? Emergency visa applications that are submitted on a working day before 12 noon will be processed and sent by mail the same day. An urgent application can be submitted through the normal online application form. Please tick the option “urgent” in the form. For urgent deliveries a surcharge of € 14.95 will apply.

We recommend using the courier options instead of the standard postal delivery in the event of a rush. Is your application so urgent that you cannot wait for delivery on the next working day or do you prefer to collect the visa yourself? Of course you can do so on working days between 0900 and 1700 hours at our office in Hoofddorp, or you can choose to have the visa ready and waiting for you at the Avia Partner Desk at Schiphol Airport, so that you can pick it up before check-in and board the plane! Rates and possibilities can be found here.

Other important information about applying for a visa Cuba

It used to be possible to buy the tourist card (visa) for Cuba at Schiphol Airport before departure. Nowadays this is no longer possible and one should already have the correct visa and/or tourist card for Cuba before departure. All you need to do is fill in the details in the application form and you will receive the tourist card by mail from us, together with information on how to fill in the card and what other things you need to take into account.

Most residents of the EU and Schengen Member States are eligible for the tourist card for Cuba, which can be applied for via this website. Do you doubt whether your nationality is eligible or you think you should apply for a regular visa? In that case, please contact us first. We will find out for you at the Cuban Embassy and if necessary start a regular visa application for you.

Other visa types for Cuba

Besides the tourist card, Cuba has many other types of visas, which have to be applied for at the embassy. This concerns a regular visa Cuba, which is affixed to the passport by the relevant government authority. You can think of the following visa types:

  • Cuba visa for journalists ( D-6)
  • Cuba visa for children and spouses of Cuban citizens who travel to Cuba to stay with their Cuban relatives ( A-2)
  • Business visa to Cuba, if the tourist card is not enough
  • Student visa for Cuba
  • Visa for Events
  • Etc.

These Cuba visa applications must be submitted to the embassy and cannot be processed digitally through our website. Of course, we can submit the applications on your behalf. In that case, the embassy will charge you besides consular fees also additional service fees for submitting the visa application Cuba to the embassy. Do you want to apply for a regular or non-regular visa Cuba that is not listed on our website? Please contact us in advance for tailor-made advice and the costs involved.

Going on holiday to Cuba with pets?

For your four-legged friends and other pets, we can also help you obtain the correct travel certificates from the Cuban Embassy. It is important to know that your pet must at least have the following documents:

  • Pet passport with up-to-date vaccinations
  • Health declaration for the journey of your pet (fit-to-fly). You need to request this document from your veterinarian
  • Certificate of good health
  • Copy of information page of the passport of the person who will travel with the pet


All regular visa applications for Cuba (visa types that have to be physically applied for at the embassy and cannot be used for a tourist card) differ in terms of consular fees. In addition, the embassy will charge an extra service fee if your visa application for Cuba is submitted through a third party. Do you want to know what costs you will face when applying for a visa type other than the green or pink tourist card (visa) for Cuba? Please contact us. We will be happy to find out from the embassy.

You will receive a consular form from us, which you need to fill in, print and sign before you can submit it together with your original passport, passport photo and the accompanying additional documents to us in Hoofddorp. Want to know more? Call us or send us an email!

Legalization of documents for Cuba

Besides the various visas for Cuba, we can also provide the legalization of documents for use in Cuba for you. Think of certificates, diplomas, marriage certificates, etc. Do you wish to start a legalization application for Cuba? Please fill in the contact form on our legalisation page and provide as much detail as possible about the type of document you wish to have legalised. We will contact you as soon as possible to explain the procedure, the next steps to take in order to obtain your visa for Cuba and to explain what is required and how much it will cost.

Are you planning to visit other countries besides Cuba?

Make sure you have all the necessary documents in order. Take a look at the pages below to make sure you have all your visa applications ready on time and can travel with peace of mind.

Apply for a Cuba visa now

Do you want to apply for a visa Cuba directly? Then go directly to the online application form. Want to know more about the visa and the procedure? Please read our FAQ visa Cuba page, or contact us via the online contact form.

Traveldocs helps companies and private individuals to apply for a visa or legalization. As a recognized legalization agency, we assist you administratively and we take care of the complete settlement at the relevant embassy or consulate. We charge agency fees for this service. We are not a government agency or affiliated with it. All costs to be paid by you are clearly visible and completely transparent and Traveldocs uses competitive prices, a professional service with adequate know-how within the world of legalisations. Of course you also have the option to submit your application directly to the relevant government agency. When you submit an application via, you never pay more for the consular costs than at the embassy / consulate.

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