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Visa Nigeria

Are you going on a trip and do you want to apply for a Nigeria visa? At Traveldocs you can quickly and easily apply for a tourist visa from € 204.29 per person.

Receive your visa from 3days!

The procedure for applying for your visa Nigeria is possible from 3 working days

Safe up to 35%!

We use the best prices when ordering visas online.

How does it work?


1. Apply

Easily apply for a Nigeria visa by filling in the necessary information online.

veilig afrekenen visum

2. Deliver documents

You will receive an email from Traveldocs with instructions on how to send your passport and required documents.

visum aanvraag

3. Receive your visa

You can pick up your passport containing the official visa or have it sent back by registered courier.

Visa requirements



Emergency passports are not accepted.

  • The passport must be valid for at least six months after each entry.
  • The passport must contain at least two empty pages.
  • The passport must also be free of covers and/or envelopes; please remove these before sending them to us.

Passport photo

Are you going to apply for a Nigeria visa? Then you must provide two passport photographs. Both photos must be exactly the same and meet the following conditions:

  • The passport photo must be submitted in hard copy (on paper, not digitally)
  • It may not be older than 3 months
  • The size must be 35x45mm
  • The passport photo must be of high quality, in colour and have a white background
  • Headgear is only allowed in the passport photo if it is for religious reasons: visibility of the whole face is required in that case
  • The passport photo must be loose (i.e. not attached to the application form in any way) and free of any glue/staples residue


  • Tourist and business visas with a single entry (single entry) are often valid for 3 months. Tourist and business visas with multiple entries are valid for up to 6 months.
  • STR visas (Subject to Regulation visa) and TWP visas (temporary work permit) both have the validity of 3 months and offer single or multiple entry.

What is and how can I apply for a Nigeria visa?

You can apply for a Nigeria visa when you want to go to Nigeria for a holiday or business trip. You have to apply for a regular visa before you can enter the country. The visa for Nigeria is a sticker, which is issued by the Nigerian government and is placed in the passport. With this visa you have permission to enter the territory of Nigeria. This visa is usually issued by the Embassy of Nigeria in The Hague. The visa will be checked during the passport control in Nigeria. If you arrive by plane, the first check of the visa will probably already take place at the airport.

Our staff will work professionally to ensure that your visa application for Nigeria is presented flawlessly at the Nigerian Embassy, so you can travel with peace of mind.

Types of Visa for Nigeria

There are several visa types available for Nigeria. The type of visa depends on your purpose of travel. The most common visa types are a visa Nigeria for tourist reasons or a visa Nigeria for business purposes. However, you also have a Temporary Work Permit (TWP) visa, Subject to Regulation (STR) visa and a private visa. Traveldocs can apply for virtually any type of visa Nigeria on your behalf.

The purpose of your trip determines which type of visa you need to apply for. If you are not sure which visa for Nigeria is most applicable to your situation or which type of visa Nigeria you need to apply for, do not hesitate to contact us! Our staff can advise you on this.

Apply directly for a Nigeria visa

In order to obtain a visa, you need to provide a personal file with the correct documents, together with your passport and an official photograph. Often this can go wrong, because the Nigerian government wants the file to be perfectly in order. If this is not the case, the visa may be refused. Therefore, it is important that you submit your visa application correctly the first time. On our website, you can find out what you need to obtain a visa for, and the conditions that need to be met. We also explain what you need to pay extra attention to.

Please note that the embassy is at all times free to request additional documents for your application, without providing any explanation or reason for this.

Once you have submitted your application for a visa through our website or by using our contact form, you will receive an email from us containing all the necessary documents for your visa. These documents are required to apply for the visa on your behalf. Once you have provided us with all the necessary documents, our visa specialists will check your Nigeria visa application for completeness and accuracy before we take your passport and documents to the Nigerian embassy. This ensures that the application is delivered in accordance with the requirements and avoids the risk of rejection due to errors in your application.


As soon as we have received all documents from you and have confirmed these as complete and in accordance with the conditions, Traveldocs can – in consultation with you of course – schedule an appointment for the biometrics. You will have to travel to The Hague yourself. We will, however, be present to assist you during this process.

In other words, you only need to provide fingerprints and a face scan. Once this has been done, your chosen processing time will start. Have you already provided biometric data for your Nigeria visa in the past and can you prove this with an old visa sticker in the same passport you are travelling with? In most cases, you do not need to do this again – unless the Nigerian authorities specifically request it.

As soon as the visa is issued, Traveldocs will collect your passport with the visa from the Nigerian consulate. You do not need to be present at the pickup. You will receive your passport with the visa back at your home or office address by means of the desired delivery method. It is, of course, also possible to pick up your passport with the visa Nigeria at our office in Hoofddorp. This is completely free of charge and can be done on working days between 0900 and 1700 hours. In case of an emergency, we offer the possibility to have your passport with the visa Nigeria ready for you at Schiphol Airport, so you can pick up your passport immediately before your departure and leave for Nigeria with an easy mind.

Processing Time, Visa Validity and Fees Visa Nigeria

The cost of a visa to Nigeria varies according to the type of visa and the processing time. Normally, a visa application to Nigeria with a standard processing procedure takes about 13 working days. An urgent procedure can be completed in as little as 3 working days. The processing time starts when you have had the biometrics appointment. From that day onwards, your chosen processing time will start.

However, the embassy reserves the right to take longer than the specified average processing time to assess your visa application if they deem it necessary for the assessment of your visa application.

All visa costs Nigeria in a row

  • The cost of a tourist visa Nigeria with 1 entry and 3 months validity can be applied for from € 204.29
  • The tourist visa Nigeria with multiple entries and a validity of 6 months can be applied for from € 423.41
  • The Business Visa Nigeria with 1 entry valid for 3 months can be applied for from € 204.29
  • The Business Visa Nigeria with multiple entries and 6 months validity can be applied for from € 423.41
  • TWP (temporary work permit) visa Nigeria can be applied for from € 490.92 (in urgent cases)
  • The STR (work permit) visa Nigeria can be applied for from € 832.42. Please note! Due to the complexity of this type of visa, the chance of rejection is high. Therefore Traveldocs will not accept STR applications in most cases, also because the consular fees will not be refundable in case of rejection.

The above-mentioned fees include processing fees, consular fees, transaction fees and VAT, excluding the fees for the consular form and the service center, which you will have to pay online by credit card.

Other Information

  • If you wish to apply for a visa type (multiple entries/longer validity) other than those mentioned above, please contact us well in advance. Our visa experts can help you find out which type of visa is required for your purpose of travel and what you need to do to apply for this visa Nigeria.
  • After submitting your application through our website, you will receive an explanatory document on how to apply for your visa Nigeria, what documents are required – and what conditions they must meet – and how to complete the payment of the form and service center.
  • Can’t manage the payments or do you want us to take care of it for you? No problem! We can take care of all the payments for you at an additional cost and save you time and trouble. You don’t have to struggle with complicated forms on the computer to apply for your visa Nigeria, we take care of this for you. The consular embassy form for your visa Nigeria will be sent to you by email for you to sign and verify. You may also sign the form during the biometrics appointment, if you have already submitted all other documents to us. Your signature on this form must be original and ‘wet’.

If you want to collect data and/or documents or have them delivered to your home, you will have to pay additional shipping costs. You can also make use of an urgent procedure for which a surcharge will be made. The amount of this surcharge depends on the desired delivery time and visa type. Please contact us about this.

Additional Costs for Visa Nigeria

Please note that when applying for a visa Nigeria, you will have to pay the following costs per visa application:

  • You pay the consular fee of your visa Nigeria application/application;
  • You pay the consular fee for creating the consular form through the website of the Nigerian government;
  • The Visa Service Centre (consular department) where you will hand over biometric data charges a fee, which depends on the type of visa you have chosen. This fee varies between EUR 50 and EUR 150. This surcharge is always applied, regardless of whether you have had to surrender biometric data or not. This also applies to travellers who fall under the so-called ‘Frequent Traveller Executives’;
  • In case of emergency you will have to pay a surcharge. This also applies to multiple entries and/or longer visa validity;
  • In addition to the consular visa costs we also charge our mediation fee per visa application;
  • If you choose to collect and/or return your passport and documents by means of a personal courier, an additional shipping charge may apply.

Do you want to know how much your visa to Nigeria will cost exactly? Please contact us first. We will be happy to help you.

Visa Nigeria online / Visa on Arrival / E-visa Nigeria

Nigeria has several visa categories. There are the following categories of visa Nigeria:

Visa Nigeria online / E-visa Nigeria (eTAL)

This type of visa is an online Electronic Travel Authorization Letter (eTAL). Dutch and Belgian passport holders do not yet qualify for this type of visa. Only African passport holders can apply for an e-visa / visa Nigeria online. With an eTAL you can pick up your visa at the immigration office upon arrival in Nigeria. So, in effect, you are just applying for a permission to leave. With an online visa Nigeria, the procedure at the immigration office can be faster.

Different types of e-visas Nigeria

An eTAL Nigeria is available for all e-visa types. This means that you can apply for the following visa types with an African passport:

  • Transit (F3B)
  • Tourist (F5A)
  • Business (F4 A and C)
  • All other visa types (such as students, musicians, journalists, medical and religious travellers etc., visa types F7 A to M)

Through our website you can only apply for a regular visa to Nigeria.

Visa on Arrival

Nigeria also has a Visa on Arrival without prior permission. This is only available to African passport holders. Dutch and Belgian passport holders are not (yet) eligible for this.

In order to obtain a visa on arrival without having to pay the costs in advance and to apply for a permit for your visa Nigeria, you have to report to the Visa on Arrival Desk at the airport in Nigeria upon arrival. Then you have to wait for your turn. Then you have to fill in some (online) forms, pay for your Visa on Arrival and provide fingerprints. After that, you will get your visa affixed to your passport.

The disadvantage of the Visa on Arrival procedure is that the waiting times can be long. Therefore, most African travellers prefer the online visa Nigeria (eTAL), because the waiting times can be considerably shorter.

Why apply for your visa Nigeria at Traveldocs?

At Traveldocs you can apply for a Nigeria visa very easily and quickly. We guarantee a professional, correct, fast and reliable service. Therefore you can travel with an easy mind.

Our experienced experts check the visa application before it is submitted to the embassy. Only in this way are you 100% certain that your application is correct and secure.

Traveldocs makes the procedure easier for you, so no more complicated website procedures.

You will be kept informed of the status of your application via e-mail or telephone. You can also track your request at any time via the Tracking function on our website.

Traveldocs is a Dutch company with years of experience and the right connections to correctly handle your documents. We work together with various tour operators, top clubs, large (international) companies and NGOs. Your documents are in safe hands with us at all times.

Are you planning to visit other countries besides Nigeria?

Then make sure you have all the necessary documents in order. Take a look at the pages below to make sure you have all your visa applications ready on time and can travel with peace of mind.

Apply for a Nigeria visa now

Do you want to apply directly for a Nigeria visa? Then go to the online application form for a Nigeria visa. Do you want to know more about the visa and the procedure? Please read our FAQ Nigeria page, or contact us via the online contact form.

Traveldocs helps companies and private individuals to apply for a visa or legalization. As a recognized legalization agency, we assist you administratively and we take care of the complete settlement at the relevant embassy or consulate. We charge agency fees for this service. We are not a government agency or affiliated with it. All costs to be paid by you are clearly visible and completely transparent and Traveldocs uses competitive prices, a professional service with adequate know-how within the world of legalisations. Of course you also have the option to submit your application directly to the relevant government agency. When you submit an application via, you never pay more for the consular costs than at the embassy / consulate.

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