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Visa for Tanzania

Are you going on a trip and do you want to apply for a visa Tanzania? At Traveldocs you can apply for a tourist visa Tanzania quickly and easily from € 94.95.

Receive your visa within 10 days!

The procedure of applying for your visa Tanzania can be done from 10 working days.

Safe up to 35%!

When ordering your visa online Tanzania, we apply the most competitive prices.

How does it work?


1. Apply

Simply apply for a visa Tanzania by filling in the required information online.

veilig afrekenen visum

2. Deliver documents

You will receive an email from Traveldocs with instructions on how to send your passport and required documents.

visum aanvraag

3. Receive your visa

You can collect your passport with an official visa or have it send back by registered courier.

Visa requirements



Your original passport with a validity of at least 6 months after the expiry date of your visa.

It is also important that your passport contains at least 2 empty visa pages that are opposite each other.

  • Attention! All documents, including your passport and photographs, must be physically delivered to us. This may be delivered to us by registered mail or in person.

Passport photograph

All travelers must provide two official, colored passport photos that meet the following conditions:

  • The photo is less than 3 months old
  • Background is white or light gray in color
  • Dimensions are 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • There are no damages to the passport photo
  • Passport photo is not stapled to the visa application form
  • Person in the photo is looking straight into the camera
  • No glasses are worn in the photo

Signed embassy form

After you have completed the online application form on this website, you will receive an e-mail stating which other documents are needed in your case (you can also check this yourself on this page). You will also find an embassy form in this email. This embassy form has already been filled in digitally, but still has to be printed (note: one-sided!) And signed. This should be done with a black pen.

Additional documents

  • In addition to the embassy form, passport photos and passport, all applicants must also provide a copy of a registered flight confirmation. It must show when you will enter and leave the Tanzanian borders.

Business travelers

  • In addition to the above, business travelers must also provide a letter of guarantee from the employer. Entrepreneurs without a guarantee letter must submit a copy of the Chamber of Commerce + last quarter VAT return.


  • Both tourist and business visas are valid for 2 months from the moment of issue and offer you a stay of up to 30 days in Tanzania and Zanzibar
  • With a single entry visa you can travel unlimited between the mainland of Tanzania and the island of Zanzibar
  • Multiple entry visas are valid for up to 6 months and allow you to enter the borders of Tanzania multiple times

Tanzania visa explanation

What is a visa for Tanzania and how do you apply?

If you plan to travel to Tanzania for holiday or business, you should apply for a regular Tanzania visa before you travel to the country. This is because you need a Tanzania visa to travel to this country. The Tanzania visa is issued by the Tanzanian government and it allows you to enter the territory of Tanzania, including the island of Zanzibar. Upon arrival in Tanzania, your visa will be checked at passport control at the airport or at the border crossing.

Our staff are highly professional. You can rest assured that your visa application for Tanzania will be presented to the Tanzanian embassy or consulate without any errors, allowing you to travel with peace of mind.

The Tanzania visa is issued by the Embassy of Tanzania in The Hague or the Consulate General of Tanzania in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel.

What types of visas for Tanzania can you apply for?

Are you planning to apply for a visa for Tanzania? Please note that Tanzania applies different visa types depending on your purpose of travel. The most common visa types are visa for tourism and visa for business purposes. Other visa types for Tanzania include a family visit visa, a volunteer visa, a work visa, a transit visa, a conference visa, a student visa and a visa Tanzania on personal invitation. Not sure which visa type for Tanzania applies to you? Please feel free to contact us! Our staff can inform you about this and will be happy to help you.

Tourist and Business visas for Tanzania can be applied for online via our website.

To apply for the online visa for Tanzania, please submit your own file with the correct documents, together with your passport and two official passport photographs. We recommend that you always send this by registered post to Traveldocs or make use of our courier service.

The Tanzanian government requires that visa applications are complete at the time of application. They may refuse the visa if the application documentation is not in order. This may also affect future travel to Tanzania. Therefore, it is important that you submit your application to us the first time properly and according to the conditions. On our website, you can see the requirements for each visa and the conditions that need to be met.

If you are travelling to Tanzania with children, they will also need their own visa. For them, you will also need to submit your own file with all the required documents.

After we have received your documents for the Tanzania visa, our visa specialists will carefully check your file for any changes, additions and errors. After that, the application will be presented to the Tanzanian embassy. This way, you can be sure that your application meets the requirements.

Please note that the consulate and embassy are free to request additional documents from you at any time, without providing any explanation.

Processing time, visa validity and costs of the Tanzania visa

The costs and processing time for the Tanzania visa vary depending on the type of visa. Normally, a normal visa application often takes between 4 and 7 working days. You can also apply for a fast-track procedure, in which case the visa can be ready in 3 working days.

However, the embassy and consulate always reserve the right to take longer to assess your application.

The tourist visa, 1 entry and valid for 90 days, is available from € 86.95
The Tanzania business visa, 1 entry and valid for 90 days costs € 299.95
This includes processing fees, consular fees, transaction fees and VAT.

If you would like to have information and/or documents collected or delivered to your home, you will be charged an additional processing fee. You can find this information about surcharges and fees on the page Rates.

Why apply for your Tanzania visa at Traveldocs?

At Traveldocs we guarantee professional, correct, swift and also very reliable service when you apply for a Tanzania visa.

Our experienced experts will check your application before it is submitted to the Embassy of Tanzania. Only in this way are you 100% certain that your application is correct and secure.

Traveldocs makes the procedure easier, so no complicated procedures for you.

Traveldocs will keep you informed of the status of your application by e-mail and by phone. You can also follow your request at any time via the Tracking function on our website.

Traveldocs is a Dutch company with years of experience and the right connections to handle your documents correctly. We work together with various tour operators, top clubs, large (international) companies and NGOs. Your documents are in safe hands with us at all times.

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Apply for a Tanzania visa directly

Need to apply for a Tanzania visa? Then go directly to the online application form. Want to know more about the visa and procedure? Please read our FAQ visa page or contact us via our online contact form.

Traveldocs helps companies and private individuals to apply for a visa or legalization. As a recognized legalization agency, we assist you administratively and we take care of the complete settlement at the relevant embassy or consulate. We charge agency fees for this service. We are not a government agency or affiliated with it. All costs to be paid by you are clearly visible and completely transparent and Traveldocs uses competitive prices, a professional service with adequate know-how within the world of legalisations. Of course you also have the option to submit your application directly to the relevant government agency. When you submit an application via, you never pay more for the consular costs than at the embassy / consulate.

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