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Frequently Asked Questions
Curaçao visa

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General questions

Do I need a visa for Curaçao?

As of October 2019, it is mandatory for all travelers from the EU to apply for a digital authorization for Curaçao before departure. It used to be possible to fill in an Embarkation and Disembarkation (ED card) in the plane en route to Curaçao. Nowadays this is no longer possible and you are required to apply for a Digital Immigration Card online prior to your trip. This digital visa is an online authorization letter, with which you can enter the borders of Curaçao. You can apply for this e-visa quickly and easily via this website

What is a Digital Immigration Card?

The Digital Immigration Card is a compulsory digital form for every visitor to Curaçao who visits as a tourist, business traveler or family / friends and who stays on Curaçao for no longer than 30 consecutive days and no more than 180 days per year.

Which advantage will I have with the Digital Immigration Card?

You will notice the biggest advantage of the Digital Immigration Card at customs in Curaçao, where passengers can go through the E-gates with the Digital Immigration Card completed online. This is much faster than the queue of passengers who have filled in the paper version of the ED card on the plane.

Do children need to have their own Digital Immigration Card for Curaçao?

Yes, anyone traveling, regardless of age, must apply for a Digital Immigration Card. This means that everyone should therefore also have their own passport (children not included in the passport of a parent / guardian), which will contain the visa.

How long am I allowed to stay in Curaçao?

You can stay in Curaçao for a maximum of 90 consecutive days and a maximum of 180 days per calendar year.

Application related questions

How can I apply for a visa for Curaçao?

The procedure for applying for the Digital Immigration Card simply starts online with us. To do this, open the online application form. After filling in all the details of the traveler (s) concerned, the application can be paid very simply. That is possible with iDeal, Bancontact, Paypal or with Credit Card. When the payment has been completed you will receive (within a maximum of 1 hour) an email from us with instructions on how to deliver the required documents.

Can I apply for a Digital Immigration Card for someone else?

Yes, you can fill in all fellow travelers in one application. Even if you are not traveling yourself, you can request a Digital Immigration Card for someone else. Obviously, you must then have permission to use all data and documents required to apply for the Digital Immigration Card of the traveler (s) concerned.

Is it possible to apply as a group?

Yes, it is possible to add multiple travelers to Curaçao on one application form. Because a lot of data only has to be entered once, this can save a lot of input.

My application has been processed, but I still haven't received an email. What should I do?

If, after paying your visa, you have not received an email from us within an hour, first check the junk mail folder (spam box). Didn’t receive an email there either? Please contact us by phone or e-mail via the contact page.

When can I pay for the Digital Immigration card and how can I do this?

After submitting the online application form, you must make the payment. This is automatic and can be done with: iDeal, Paypal, Bancontact or credit card.

Required documents and related questions

What do I need in order to apply for a Digital Immigration Card?

To apply for the Digital Immigration Card you must:

  • Have a valid passport
  • Know your flight number and date
  • Prove your first stay, for example a hotel reservation or an address of family or friends.

Which conditions apply to my passport?

The passport must in any case be valid during your entire stay in Curaçao.

Does my passport state the letter O or the number 0?

Document numbers in the Netherlands never contain the letter “O”, but they can contain the number “0”. Even though it seems that there is a letter O in your passport, it will be the number 0. It is also important to know that document numbers in the Netherlands are nine characters long.

Belgian document numbers may include the letter (s) “O” and / or the number “0”. Belgian document numbers are eight characters long and always start with two letters followed by six numbers.

Do I have to book a flight and/or hotel in advance?

Before applying for the Digital Immigration Card, you need to know your flight date, flight number and your place of residence.

Questions about canceling and changing an existing application

I made an error on my application. Can I correct this?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make changes for applications already submitted. The only way to correct an error is to submit a new application. In this case, the payment will also have to be paid again.

Is it possible to cancel an existing application?

Cancellation is only possible before payment is completed. As soon as we have received the payment of your Digital Immigration Card application, we will process it immediately and refund of your payment is no longer possible from that moment.

If you made a mistake with the application, you can submit a new application. Costs for this new application are entirely at your own expense.

Additional questions

How do you handle my personal data?

Your data will only be used by us for the processing of your Digital Immigration Card application. In doing so, we respect the privacy of each user of our site and will ensure that all personal information you provide to us will be treated confidentially. We strongly inform you that your data will not be sold or used for any other commercial purposes.

Should you have any further questions regarding your privacy, please review our  privacy policy or contact us.

Can I get help with my application?

Always try to find your question on this page first, in almost all cases you will find the answer to your question regarding your Visa Australia application here.

In the unlikely event that you find no or insufficient answer to your question, we will of course be happy to help you, click here to contact us.

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