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Visa Thailand

If you plan to travel to Thailand soon, you will need to apply for a visa. You can apply for a tourist visa from € 89.95 per person. Do you have questions about the visa or other matters for Thailand? Please check our FAQ Thailand page first.

Receive your visa within 5-10 days

The procedure to apply for your visa Thailand takes 5-10 working days. After submitting, you will receive your visa within 5-10 working days! The Thailand passport application takes 5-10 working days. Insurance declaration usually within 24 hours.

Safe up to 35%!

We have the best prices when it comes to online visa ordering!

How does it work?


1. Apply

Simply apply for a Thailand visa by filling in the required information online.

veilig afrekenen visum

2. Deliver documents

You will receive an email from Traveldocs with instructions on how to send your passport and required documents.

visum aanvraag

3. Receive your visa

You can collect your passport with an official visa or have it send back by registered courier.

Additional information Thailand visa

Below you can find all required additional information regarding the Thai visa. Please read it in advance in case of any inquiries. If you cannot find your answer listed here, you can always contact us.

Visa requirements



  • Valid for at least six months after the expiry date of the visa to be issued.
  • Contains two blank, facing pages.
  • Covers must be removed from the passport.

Copy of passport

A copy of the information page of the traveller’s passport.

Passport photos for e-visa Thailand

  • A fully completed and signed visa application form (this will be sent to you by email)
  • An official, recently taken passport photo (35mm x 45mm), which must be provided digitally.

Proof of ticket and hotel

  • A copy of the flight schedule or a printout of your e-ticket issued by a travel organisation or an airline.
  • Confirmation of the hotel

Bank statement by name

All applicants must provide a bank statement with a minimum balance appropriate for the type of visa required.

  • For Non-Immigrant and Business applicants this amount should be at least EUR 15,000 in the last 6 months
  • For Tourist applicants this amount should be minimum 3000 Euros
  • Your name and full date (dd-mm-yyyy) must be stated on the statement, as well as your balance. This may be from a savings account.

Insurance declaration

A declaration letter from a Thai insurer stating the following points exactly as described below:

  • You are covered for at least USD 100,000 in Thailand for COVID-19 treatment
  • You are covered for the whole period of travel
  • For Non-Immigrant visa applicants, an amount of THB 40,000 for outpatient treatment and at least THB 400,000 for inpatient treatment must also be mentioned

Are you 21 or younger?

Please note that the authorities will ask for a bank statement in your name with a positive balance of at least 100 Euros per day of stay.

Applicants under 20 years of age

All applicants under 20 years of age who are travelling without their parents must also submit the following documents:

  • A consent letter written in English and signed by the parent(s)/guardian(s).
  • Copy of the passport of the parent(s)/guardian(s).
  • Underage travellers must provide a copy of their birth certificate.

Returning Visitors

Applicants who visit Thailand several times a year must also provide proof of sufficient financial resources with their second and subsequent visa applications. This should be provided as the most recent bank statement, which should:

  • State the name and balance of the applicant.
  • Indicate at least one transfer/transfer (e.g. salary/benefit) showing proof of income.
  • Show all credits and debits. These should not be crossed out, deleted or hidden in any other way.

Unemployed applicants

Proof of sufficient financial resources must be provided in the form of a copy of a recent bank statement showing a transfer/deposit of income (e.g. benefit) with a minimum of €550. The bank account must be in the name of the applicant. If it is a joint account, the applicant must also submit a marriage certificate.

Should I apply for an e-visa Thailand and when do I need an e-visa Thailand?

Dutch people who plan to travel to Thailand and stay longer than 30 days in the country should apply for an e-visa Thailand. This applies to both tourist and business travelers. Children and babies also need their own e-visa, which will be inserted into the passport by an employee of the embassy of Thailand before the trip.

If the stay is shorter than 30 days, you can obtain a visa for Thailand on arrival. However, you may encounter long queues and cumbersome procedures. By ordering an e-visa in advance at Traveldocs, you save yourself the trouble. We will take care of the visa procedure completely online for you. Not sure whether you need a visa for Thailand? Please contact us for tailored advice. Our visa experts can advise you on the right type of visa for your trip.

What is an electronic e-visa to Thailand exactly?

If you, as a Dutch person, want to go to Thailand for a holiday or business trip, you should apply for an e-visa Thailand before you enter the country. The visa is a digital travel authorization, which is issued by the Thai government and can be applied for online. With this e-visa Thailand you have permission to enter the territory of Thailand. This e-visa is issued by the Embassy of Thailand in The Hague. The Consulate-General of Thailand in Amsterdam will no longer issue visas for Thailand as of 28 May 2021 and the Thai Embassy in The Hague stopped issuing regular, paper visas as of 8 November 2021.

On arrival your visa Thailand will be checked by the local immigration officers. This happens at the airports or border crossings. In some cases, your passport control will already take place upon departure from the Netherlands.

Our staff will work professionally to ensure that your visa application for Thailand is presented flawlessly at the Thai embassy, so you can be well prepared and have peace of mind when you travel.

Apply for an E-Visa Thailand | Types of Visa

The most common visa types are the tourist visa and the business visa for Thailand. However, for long stay or immigration (the so called Non-Immigrant or Long Stay visa) it is also possible to use Traveldocs as your visa intermediary. We can assist you in obtaining a one year visa for Thailand, as well as the other visa types. Below you will find an overview of all visa types for Thailand you can apply for via Traveldocs, besides the standard 60 day visa Thailand. The non-immigrant visa types Thailand are often valid between 90 and 365 days. In most cases you can directly apply for a one year visa with the option for multiple entries.

Traveldocs can apply for the following electronic visas for Thailand:

Visa for non-Thai passport holders with family members in Thailand

  • Non-Immigrant type O visa Thailand, for non-Thai passport holders’ family members;

Business, Medical and Student visas for Thailand

  • All Non-immigrant type B (B, B-A, IB) visas for Thailand, intended for travellers who hold a valid work permit for Thailand and any accompanying children or partners of those who live and/or work in Thailand;
  • The student visa Thailand, also known as the Non-Immigrant type ED visa Thailand, is for non-Thai passport holders who intend to study at a recognised school in Thailand and for their accompanying parent or guardian. Exceptions are students from non-formal schools such as private schools or similar private institutions. Students from private schools have to contact the embassy themselves before they can apply for a visa;
  • Medical visa Thailand or Non-immigrant type O visa Thailand for those who need medical treatment in Thailand for a longer period;

Long stay visa or visa for those who want to emigrate to Thailand

  • Non-Immigrant type O-A or O-X Long Stay visa Thailand, these visas are for 50+ people who plan to stay in Thailand for a longer period of time (6 months to 1 year on a Non-immigrant O-A visa) or plan to emigrate to Thailand and want to apply for a visa for this purpose (Non-Immigrant visa type O-X);

Visas for Diplomats and Government Officials

  • Non-Immigrant visa type F for Thailand, which allows diplomats and government officials as well as immediate family members to travel to Thailand;

Other visa types for Thailand

  • The Journalist/ Media visa, better known as Non-Immigrant type M visa Thailand, is for film producers, journalists and reporters. Please note that you must have the correct permission letter to film in Thailand for a longer period. For short assignments, this request can be made through the embassy or a Non-Immigrant B visa for business travellers can be applied for. Ask us for the conditions.
  • Non-Immigrant R or R-A visa Thailand, this visa type is issued to travelers who want to enter Thailand to perform religious / missionary work with the approval of the competent Thai authorities such as the Department of Religious Affairs and the Immigration Bureau;
  • Visa for scientific research, also known as Non-Immigrant RS visa Thailand, intended for applicants who intend to carry out scientific research or intend to teach at a research institute;
  • Non-immigrant O visa Thailand for volunteers of NGO and non-profit organizations, for trainers, sports coaches and other sports related employees who are going to work for the Thai government and for those who have to appear in court or are participants or witnesses in court proceedings in Thailand.

Long-Stay Tourist Visa Thailand (STV)

  • The Special Tourist Visa for Thailand (STV), this is available for a long tourist stay (90 consecutive days with extension of 90 days at a time). This visa can be obtained as long as your total period of stay is up to 30 September 2021. Will you be staying longer than 30 September 2021? Then you are not eligible for the STV visa Thailand.

Visa on Arrival

Upon arrival in Thailand you can obtain the Visa on Arrival. This visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 30 days. Most tourists apply for a tourist visa to Thailand in order to avoid long queues when applying for or extending their Visa on Arrival. This tourist visa allows you to stay in the country for 60 days and, if you wish, you can extend this locally by another 30 days. This also applies to business travellers who are visiting for a short time (meeting, work meeting etc., as long as it does not involve paid employment in Thailand).

You can also change this visa type locally to a non-immigrant visa or choose to extend your Thailand visa.

ATTENTION: Is your stay in Thailand only 30 days or shorter, but you still have to submit documents to us in order to present your Visa Thailand at the Thai Embassy? Then Traveldocs will apply for your online visa on your behalf. Despite the option to travel visa free, you can still apply for an online visa before departure. This is usually the case when, for example, your airline does not allow you to check in without a visa. We therefore assume that the applicant is aware of the conditions and options regarding visa-free travel upon receipt of the documents and still wishes to proceed with the application.

Is it possible to apply for a visa Thailand in person at the embassy?

As of 22 November 2021, an electronic visa has been launched for Dutch and Belgian passport holders. This visa can be applied for online and will be issued by mail. You do not and can no longer physically go to the embassy with your passport and documents.

On our website you can initiate the application for an online tourist or business visa for Thailand. We will take care of this process for you and apply online. After approval, the visa will be sent to you by email.

You will receive an e-mail with detailed information and required documents from us after the application has been posted on the website.

How can I apply for an online e-visa Thailand?

To be able to apply for an online visa Thailand, you need to provide a digital file with the correct documents, together with a copy of your passport and a digital, official passport photo. Often this can go wrong, because the Thai government wants the file to be perfectly in order. If this is not the case, the visa may be refused. Therefore it is important that you submit your application correctly the first time. On our website you can see for each online visa what is required and to which conditions it must comply. We also explain what you need to pay extra attention to. You will also receive the application form for the visa, which is filled out in advance. This way you can be sure that all the information is correct.

Please note that the embassy is at all times free to request additional documents for your application or to reject it without providing any explanation nor reason.

Processing time, visa validity and costs of the visa Thailand

The cost of the online e-visa Thailand varies according to the visa and processing time. A normal application often takes only 3-7 working days. An urgent procedure can also be completed in 2-4 working days.

However, the embassy reserves the right to take longer to assess your application than the stated average processing time.

Cost of 60-day eVisa Thailand and validity

  • The tourist visa is valid for 90 days after issue. Within this period you must enter Thailand. This tourist visa for Thailand offers you 1 entry and 60 days stay in Thailand. This 60 day visa Thailand costs € 84,95 per person and can easily be ordered online via our website.
  • The Business Visa is – just like the Tourist Visa – valid for 90 days after issuance and offers you 1 entry and 60 days stay in Thailand. This business visa for Thailand is available from € 121.95 per person and can be applied for online.
    These costs for the 60 day e-visa Thailand include processing fees, consular fees, transaction fees and VAT.

Would you like to have information and/or documents picked up or delivered to your home? If so, you will be charged an additional fee. Information about fees and charges can be found on the page Rates.

How long is the online visa Thailand valid?

The tourist and business e-visa Thailand is valid for 3 months upon issue. From that moment on, you have 3 months to enter Thailand. As soon as you enter the country, the 60-day period starts. Are you planning to stay longer in the country? Then you have to extend your visa locally in Thailand or travel out of the country and get a visa again (at the new arrival in Thailand or not). Going for a different type of visa? Then it might be that this one has a longer validity, in most cases up to 1 year or more (e.g. when applying for a Non-Immigrant visa for Thailand). How long the visa is valid, how long the stay is maximally allowed and how often you can extend the visa locally, depends on the type of visa. Do you wish to stay longer than 90 consecutive days in Thailand or do you not know which visa to apply for? Please contact us for tailor-made advice.

Extending Visa Thailand Online

Visa extensions can be arranged at almost all local immigration offices in Thailand. Can’t find an immigration office in your place of residence? In some cases you can also go to the local police station to extend your Visa Thailand. The requirements for extending or changing your visa type may differ per immigration office. Therefore we recommend you to contact the immigration office in your area before departure, to avoid surprises.

You can apply for permission at the Office of Immigration at Government Center B, Chaengwattana Soi 7, Laksi, Bangkok 10210, Tel 0-2141-9889 (or at Extension of stay and change of visa type Thailand are at the sole discretion of the immigration officer.

Would you like to apply for an electronic or other visa for a different destination? Traveldocs will be happy to help you!

Would you like to apply for another type of visa? Traveldocs helps with visa applications for various destinations worldwide! At the bottom of the page you will find the most popular destinations around Thailand. Would you rather travel somewhere else and need a visa for that destination? We can assist you with all your visa applications, as well as all your legalizations (also for Thailand for the Long Stay visa applications!). Please contact us for more possibilities or take a look at our website. We can also assist non-Dutch passport holders in applying for the right type of (e-) visa. For example, do you live in Nigeria and want to go to Curacao? That is no problem! We are happy to help you!

Are you planning to visit other countries besides Thailand?

Then take a look at the country pages below to make sure you have all the documents you need to travel with peace of mind.

Why apply for your online e-visa Thailand at Traveldocs?

At Traveldocs you can apply for a Thailand e-visa very easily and quickly. We guarantee professional, correct, fast and reliable service. Therefore you can travel with an easy mind.

Our experienced experts check the application before it is submitted to the embassy of Thailand. This is the only way to be 100% sure that your application is submitted correctly and safely.

You will be kept informed about the status of your application by email or by phone. Furthermore you can follow your request at all times via the tracking function on our website.

Traveldocs is a Dutch company with years of experience and the right connections to correctly handle your documents. We work together with various tour operators, top clubs, large companies, many SMEs and many others. Your documents are in safe hands with us at all times.

Apply for your Thailand visa directly online

Are you ready to apply for your Thailand visa? Then go directly to the online application form. Would you first like to know more about the visa and the procedure? Please read our FAQ Thailand page, or contact us via the online contact form.


Traveldocs helps companies and private individuals to apply for a visa or legalization. As a recognized legalization agency, we assist you administratively and we take care of the complete settlement at the relevant embassy or consulate. We charge agency fees for this service. We are not a government agency or affiliated with it. All costs to be paid by you are clearly visible and completely transparent and Traveldocs uses competitive prices, a professional service with adequate know-how within the world of legalisations. Of course you also have the option to submit your application directly to the relevant government agency. When you submit an application via, you never pay more for the consular costs than at the embassy / consulate.

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